Statement of Solidarity

Black lives matter. The murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Tony McDade, Nina Pop, and so many others demonstrate the persistence of white supremacy in our society. We, the faculty of the Latin American and Caribbean Studies program, denounce anti-Black racist violence in all its forms, individual or systemic, and stand in support of those protesting against it. Through our scholarship, teaching, mentorship, and everyday interactions, we vow to create a more equitable university and just society. 

We are scholars and students of the broad, heterogeneous region of Latin America and the Caribbean, where histories of anti-African and anti-Black racism have taken a variety of forms. They bear many similarities to anti-Black racism and violence in the United States; in many cases, these histories were forged together. We recognize those crucial histories and connections, and we acknowledge that they have fundamentally shaped institutions of higher education such as ours. 

We are indebted to traditions of Black protest that have shaped our own scholarly engagements and our efforts to undo discrimination. From the Pacific lowlands of Colombia and the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Havana, and San Juan, to the mountains of Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Jamaica, Black activists have unremittingly pursued justice at great personal sacrifice. In the spirit of these traditions, we recommit ourselves to anti-racist pedagogy and scholarship, to exposing and overturning white supremacy, and to opening paths within predominantly white institutions of higher learning. 

Concretely, we vow to offer more courses on race and inequality, on histories of the African diasporas of Latin America, and on Black resistance and protest. We will support programming that helps build communities and that brings to campus inspiring speakers who have fought for racial justice. We will support initiatives to diversify the faculty and will also advance these goals in our own teaching and mentoring. We will work to make Emory University a place for change and hope.