Maglyn Bertrand

Maglyn Bertrand, music

Honors Thesis: "The Development and Revitalization of the Chilean and Argentine New Song Movement"


The Program in Latin American and Caribbean Studies promotes a multidisciplinary understanding of culture, history, and contemporary issues in the region. Students take courses that examine the region from a wide array of disciplinary perspectives, while simultaneously deepening their knowledge of Latin America and the Caribbean within a disciplinary concentration. A student who completes this program receives a degree in Latin American and Caribbean Studies with a concentration in a single discipline. Students are encouraged to pursue part of their education studying abroad in Latin America or the Caribbean. A maximum of sixteen credit hours of foreign study can be applied towards the major, with the approval of the program's Director of Undergraduate Studies. In addition to its course offerings, the Program in Latin American and Caribbean Studies regularly sponsors lectures, seminars, exhibitions, and films. It also hosts visiting scholars and encourages student internships.