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Double Major Leida Cisneros

2021 LACS and Business double major Leida Cisneros is now a business consultant for Deloitte and the 'dreamer' has had her extraordinary story of walking from El Salvador to North Carolina as a seven-year-old memorialized by artist Rosalia Torres-Weiner and displayed by Wilmington's Cameron Art Museum.

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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with an Emory Libraries pop-up exhibit

Arturo Contreras, a fourth-year student majoring in Latin American and Caribbean Studies, curated the exhibit “Consciousness Is Power: A Record of Emory Latinx History” on display at the Robert W. Woodruff Library in recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month.

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robert goddard

Barbados Transition

LACS Director Robert Goddard has been asked for perspectives regarding his homeland Barbados' recent decision to end its political allegiance to the British monarch and to become a republic.

Why does Barbados’ symbolic transition to a republic matter - LSE blog

Interviewed by BBC Espanol about moves to republic in Caribbean